제주온 브랜드 스토리


All JEJUON branded products are developed
at the Natural Products Research Center in Jeju Island.

Cosmetics are manufactured in the plant located
in Jeju using raw materials directly collected from the local farms in Jeju.

It is the only brand in Korea that performs
it's entire processes in 'Jeju Island' only.

'JEJUON' by the researches
of Jeju Island only

JEJUON is taking the lead in promoting
Jeju Island to the world by
researching only Jeju Island,
which has been designated as a UNESCO
Cultural Heritage.


JEJUON's successful story of
coexisting with Jeju Farmers

Jeju tangerines must be thinned out for the
production of larger and taster fruits.

A good brand, 'JEJUON' contributes to the
local community bringing a new source of
income to them by using Green mandarins (before they ripen)
from Jeju tangerine farmers as raw materials.


JEJUON uses a certain amount of
Green mandarins every year under the contract with Jeju farmers.



Company Name: KBIDI Co.,Ltd. CEO: Kang Youan Business Registration No.: [108-86-00948]
E-commerce Permit No.
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