Natural Products Research Center

The JEJUON Natural Products Research
Institute, located in the Jeju
Science Park, has built a library of
100 kinds of raw material that grow
naturally in Jeju Island.

  • We carry out national research projects every
    year to commercialize Jeju's representative
    biological resources and hold a number of
    cosmetic ingredient patents representing

  • The representative biological resources of Jeju,
    such as turmeric, herb complex, red sea cucumber,
    abalone, conch, Udo peanut, green mandarin,
    camellia, and Torreya nucifera, which have proven
    their efficacy through long-term research and analysis,
    are commercialized and presented to customers.
    This Research continues.

Clean Producing Factory

JEJUON uses raw materials that have been directly researched and cultivated, and has a one-stop system that produces products at Jeju manufacturing plants being international cosmetics GMP certified.

  • In order to make clean products,
    we have been optimizing quality control
    and production environment since obtaining
    ISO22716 (International Cosmetics GMP)
  • We directly manage from cultivation
    of raw materials to production, and make
    safer and cleaner products through strict
    supervision and management of hygiene and
    cleanliness of production staff.

Organic farm ‘JEJUON’

Called Clean 'Provence' in Jeju Island
JEJUON's Directly Managed Farm for
Turmeric and Herb

  • In JEJUON's direct-managed Herb Farm and Turmeric Farm,
    called the Clean 'Provence' of Jeju Island,
    everything is cultivated only organically with
    clean air, clean sunlight, fertile soil, and mild water
    from JEJU nature.

    JEJUON will always put the best priority
    on healthy raw materials and the value of
    coexistence with nature and society through
    trust with customers.
  • Clean Beauty of ‘JEJUON’

    JEJUON, which coexists with nature, does not use any chemical components in the entire process of extracting raw materials. We present consumers and clients clean and healthy beauty containing the energy of nature.


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